Welcome to EnJoy Fleur

EnJoy Fleur is a boutique-style floral outlet to personally craft aesthetically pleasing and unique floral arrangements for all occasions.

"EnJoy" simply describes our vision to truly delight in what we do & to bring the same enjoyment to our receivers. Our floral designs branch out from the vine of understanding your needs & customization, to be your best messengers in times of joyous celebrations, bereavement and grief, or simply to beautify a home as well as to create a more vibrant environment in your work-space.

We believe that the gifting of flowers has the ability to bring a sense of happiness, tranquility, love and encouragement to those who might just need a little cheer in life. Appreciating the wonder of God's creation, it is our venture to add a touch of nature to the urbanite in all of us. May you support us & let us be a part of your journey, whether in the little moments or the major milestones in life.